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Coastal Management Program - Hazards

In 2015 Council worked with specialist coastal engineering consultants to develop a detailed analysis of the risks from coastal hazards along the complete coastal zone of the shire. This study looked at a range of previously recorded information about coastal processes and hazards such as waves, storm surge, erosion and climate change; and combined this information with new modelling to provide an up-to-date understanding of coastal hazard risk along our coastline and around our estuaries.   In 2017 Council are now developing a new Coastal Management Program that will provide a pathway for addressing the identified coastal hazards. The new Management Program sets out to:

  1. Recognise and plan for natural coastal processes and hazards, including strategies to manage threats to our existing development and to ensure that new development is planned and designed to avoid risk from coastal hazards

  2. Protect and preserve beach amenity, dune vegetation, maintain and improve public access arrangements to beaches, estuary entrances and headlands, support recreational uses and protect the cultural and heritage environment

  3. Consider the effects of climate change, including sea level rise, on coastal hazards and community uses, and to ensure that adaptation of the coastal zone to ongoing changes is integrated into management actions

  4. Prioritise management actions by considering environmental, social and economic factors, and to achieve practical long-term outcomes

  5. Facilitate integrated management of the coastal zone by linking Council’s coastal zone management planning with other planning processes

  6. Involve the community in the preparation of the Coastal Management Plan, encouraging awareness of coastal hazards and support for our future plans to address our risks

  7. Meet the requirements of the new Coastal Management Bill (2016) and be a certified Coastal Management Plan with the NSW Government

Information about the Coastal Management Program – Hazards can be found in the links below.

Background information

Background information on the Coastal Management Program - Hazards.

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Processes & hazards

Find out what coastal processes are and how they can lead to coastal hazards arising.

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Hazard maps

Take a look around our interactive hazard maps for erosion and inundation.

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Project timeline

Proposed times for the Coastal Management Program - Hazards objectives to be completed by.

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Project updates

View ongoing updates to the Coastal Management Program - Hazards.

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Frequently asked questions

A list of the most common questons about coastal hazards answered.

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