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Lake Curalo Coastal Management Program

Background information

Lake Curalo is situated immediately west of Aslings Beach, with its entrance naturally crossing the beach at its northern extent. The lake has a surface area of 0.8 km2 and a catchment of 28.2 km2. Technically the “lake” is actually classified as a semi-mature, saline coastal lagoon. Palestine Creek is the primary drainage inflow into the Lake, though stormwater from large sections of the Eden township also drain to the Lake. While the immediate lake foreshore is largely dominated by private properties, Ben Boyd National Park comprises 7% and Nullica State Forest 86% of the catchment. Lake Curalo is classified as an Intermittently Closed and Open Lake or Lagoon (ICOLL), meaning that its entrance to the ocean is sometimes open to tidal exchange, but at other times is closed off by a sand barrier at Aslings Beach. The lake entrance is typically open to the ocean about 57% of the time, with the entrance actively managed by BVSC under its Entrance Management Policy to reduce the impacts of foreshore flooding when the entrance is closed.